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Q Why is the registration closed.
Q Do I need to get a visa to get into Laos
Q Can I get a tourist visa before leaving to go to Laos?
Q What money should I take to Laos?
Q What is a sherker?
Q Where should I stay?
 We believe TripAdvisor, or any of the other review sites, are just as good to get the deal you want. Try to stay within walking distance of the City Inn, Vientiane. This hotel will be used for final registration formalities, collecting goodie bags, Friday night meet and greet, and the buses will be leaving from here on the Saturday.
Q How to I get from the airport to my hotel?
Q How do I get from the Friendship Bridge with Thailand to my hotel.
Q What is the exchange rate to change money into kip?
Q Is Sir Tapeworm MD OBE really 187 years old?
Q Can I pay by bank transfer?
Q I have a strange, somewhat different, some would say stupid, question to ask. Can I contact some body?
Q Should I get Travel and Medical Insurance before I go the Laos?